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Female’s Favour{IT}e Conference

Konferenz, Tech, Netzwerken, Frauen, Entrepreneurship

gig7, G7, 22, 68159 Mannheim Linktext

16 März 2019 09.00 Uhr – 18.00 Uhr

The Female’s Favor{IT}e Conference is designed to be a great opportunity for women of all ages and professional backgrounds to come together, to learn about technology, and to exchange experiences on various tech-topics as well as on how to be a successful sheboss.

No matter if you are still in school or already retired, if you are an expert software engineer or don’t know anything about technology at all – as long as you are curious, eager to learn and open to meeting new people, you are welcome at our conference. The one-day program organized by STARTUP MANNHEIM and HackerstolzWomen will be encompassing different short-talks, deepdives, workshops, a panel discussion and opportunities to chill and connect.

In line with the motto „Connecting Women in a Digital World” we will cover topics such as Robotics, SEO, AI, IT-entrepreneurship and many more. For our speakers and more information check out our website:

Hopefully we could spark your interest. If you have any further questions feel free to browse through the website or drop us an e-mail. We are super excited for the event and are looking forward to seeing you there!

Speakers: Anita Böhm, Vlasta Minina, Prof. Dr. Kirstin Kohler, Dr. Janina Sundermeier, Silvia Santano, Malin Liden, and more.

Requirements: The conference language is English.

Time: 9 am – 6 pm

Location: MAFINEX-Technologiezentrum, Julius-Hatry-Straße 1, 68163 Mannheim

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